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Section  the  Planets :
 > Introduction and History
 > Quantization of Orbits of Planets
 > Quantization of Masses of the Int. Planets
 > Beginnings of Life on Earth, and Was...
 > The Earth and the Venus
 > External Planets of the Solar System
 > Conclusions

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Illustrations  to  the  Section :

  Fig.4.1. The Sizes of Planets

  Fig.4.2. Birth of Planets by the Sun

  Fig.4.3. The Orbit of Mercury

  Fig.4.4. The Orbit of the Jupiter

  Fig.4.5. The Topology of a Solar System

  Fig.4.6. Equatorial Velocities of the Sun and the Jupiter

  Fig.4.7. The Bursting of the Mars and Birth of the Moon

  Fig.4.8. Delayed Motion of the Moon

  Fig.4.9. The Process of Birth of the Pluto

  Fig.4.10. Internal Structure of the Earth

  Fig.4.11. Cooling of the Earth

  Fig.4.12. Dinamics of the Temperature of the Ocean

  Fig.4.13. Influence of the Jupiter on the Earth

  Fig.4.14. Induction Radus-vector of the Earth

  Fig.4.15. Induction Radius-vector of the Venus

  Fig.4.16. Quantization of Masses

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