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Section  the  Sun :
 > Introduction and History
 > The Models of the Sources of the Energy
 > Inexplicable Waves on the Sun
 > The Birth of the Sun
 > The Birth of Planets by the Sun
 > Attributes of the hollow Sun
 > The Energy of the Sun
 > Solving the Problem of the Waves of Sun
 > New Interpretation of Certain Experiments
 > Conclusions

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Illustrations  to  the  Section :

  Fig.3.1. The Sun

  Fig.3.2. Gravitational Contraction of the Sun

  Fig.3.3. Annihilation

  Fig.3.4. Thermonuclear Synthesis

  Fig.3.5. Waves on the Sun

  Fig.3.6. The Metagalaxy

  Fig.3.7. The Birth of the Sun

  Fig.3.8. The Flask

  Fig.3.9. The Birth of Planets by the Sun

  Fig.3.10. Contraction of the Sun

  Fig.3.11. The Section of the Sun

  Fig.3.12. The solar like Nucleus of the Earth

  Fig.3.13. The Energy of the Sun

  Fig.3.14. The Temperature of the Disk of the Sun

  Fig.3.15. Waves in a Shell of the Sun

  Fig.3.16. Supergranulation

  Fig.3.17. The magnetic Field of the Sun

  Fig.3.18. The Anisotropy of a gravitational Field of the Sun

  Fig.3.19. The Diagram of microwave Radiation of the Sun

  Fig.3.19а. Deviation of Light by the Sun

  Fig.3.20. The Sun Burst

  Fig.3.21. The radial Temperature of the Sun

  Fig.3.22. A Fulleren and the Sun

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